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Last updated 08-07-21

Satisfaction of stakeholders in relation to the assistance offered by South East Water

To make sure we’re reaching those customers who need our help in the most appropriate way we work closely with a range of relevant organisations and agencies who know these customers the best.

Using their expertise we strive to improve the way with work both with these stakeholders as well as the people they support.

To understand how satisfied these organisations are with how we work with them and our response to customer needs, we surveyed 100 stakeholders and asked them to score us out of five.

Although this is a new measure, we surveyed customers in 2019/20 to provide a baseline score for this measure, in this survey we scored 3.5 out of five. We committed to performing 0.1 better each year for the 2020/25 period, therefore our aim is to reach a score of 3.6 out of five during 2020/21.

How have we performed?

During 2020/21 we outperformed our target reaching a score of 3.7 out of five.

This survey showed that overall satisfaction had increased amongst our stakeholders with many saying that our communications to both them and our customers had improved.

In November 2020 we held a series of virtual stakeholder events dedicated to improving the support we offer our customers in vulnerable situations. Attended by more than 60 stakeholders including charities, government organisations, housing associations and utilities, the events generated ideas and debate as well created partnership working opportunities between ourselves and others.

The impact of Covid-19                                  

There has been no impact of Covid-19 on this target.

Case Studies

Supporting customers

Helping customers with extra debt support

We’re here to help our customers and while we truly believe that we deliver top quality drinking water for great value, we also recognise that on occasion some of our customers may have difficulties paying their bills.

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Putting customers in full control

We place our customers’ priorities at the heart of what we do and this is why we’re constantly looking at ways to make accessing and managing bills and payment plans easier for them.

Bottled water station

The summer demand event

The combined effects of lockdown and prolonged periods of very hot weather led to unprecedented demand levels throughout summer 2020. This higher than normal usage continued throughout the year.