Our business is intrinsically linked to the environment as we rely on it for our raw product, water. For this reason we do all we can to ensure there is a clean, resilient and sustainable supply available for current and future water customers whilst ensuring there is enough water available to support the needs of the environment too. Click 'Discover More' to hear from our Head of Environment, Emma Goddard.


Our people are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible, whether they’re out in the field searching for leaks, managing our operational sites, testing the quality of your water or answering your queries. Each and every person within the business is dedicated to delivering you the safe reliable tap water supply you expect. Click 'Discover more' to hear from our Head of HR, Sian Jenkins.

Last updated 08-07-21

Taste and odour of water

Taste and odour

Supplying wholesome drinking water direct to your tap is at the core of what we do, so we want to make sure the water you receive tastes and smells as it should.

One of the ways we track whether that’s happening is to record the number of times we’re contacted with concerns about tap water taste and odour.

Using previous results as a baseline, our target is to receive less than 0.42 contacts per 1,000 customers.

Depending on our score we could receive on outperformance payment or be subject to an underperformance penalty.

How have we performed?

We finished the 2020 calendar year with a contact rate of 0.34 per 1,000 customers which is an improvement on our 2019 score of 0.39.

This outperformance was due to work we’ve undertaken to optimise the performance of our water treatment works and improve the monitoring and control of our networks.

We have plans to drive this score down further by educating customers on the importance of using chlorine to disinfect drinking water which is why some may experience a very slight taste on occasion.

As the performance during the year is better than target we have received a £0.064 million outperformance reward.

Case Studies

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A £1.4 million investment into revamping the water network for thousands of residents in Berkshire saw more than 60 per cent of customers claim they were satisfied with our communication strategy.

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Putting customers in full control

We place our customers’ priorities at the heart of what we do and this is why we’re constantly looking at ways to make accessing and managing bills and payment plans easier for them.


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In September 2020, the sudden appearance of sinkholes at one of our drinking water storage tanks in Kent triggered a chain of events and challenges which many across the business and beyond have not experienced before, and may never again.