Our business is intrinsically linked to the environment as we rely on it for our raw product, water. For this reason we do all we can to ensure there is a clean, resilient and sustainable supply available for current and future water customers whilst ensuring there is enough water available to support the needs of the environment too. Click 'Discover More' to find out more from our Head of Environment, Emma Goddard.


Our people are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible, whether they’re out in the field searching for leaks, managing our operational sites, testing the quality of your water or answering your queries. Each and every person within the business is dedicated to delivering you the safe reliable tap water supply you expect. Click 'Discover more' to find out more from our Head of HR, Sian Jenkins.

Last updated 11-07-23

We receive hundreds of requests each year from developers, self-lay providers and those with new appointments and variations (NAVs) to connect into our water mains network.

Therefore, we want to make sure we’re providing each and every one of them the best service possible.

D-MeX measures are the satisfaction ratings given to us by those organisations and customers who we dealt with during the year, and separately, our performance against selected Water UK service levels.

Our overall score is made up of two elements:

  • Service scores
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

How have we performed?

This is a new measure introduced in this five-year period and have seen improvements in each of our scores.

The service score improved from 97.87 per cent to 98.81 per cent and the customer satisfaction score improved from 64.82 to 66.68 per cent. These scores combined meant that our overall score for the year was score of 82.74 out of 100 a slight improvement on last year.

Following Ofwat’s review of the industry we were placed 14 out of 17 water companies resulting in an underperformance penalty of £0.880 million (exact amount TBC).

This year we have continued to develop our website portal to make it easier for customers to interact with us and work with our delivery partners to improve the quality of work on site.

We will continue to work with our delivery partners to improve the services we provide to developers on-site, as well as undertake more on-site estimates, ensuring our smaller developers have direct contact with our surveyors so they understand the full scope of work required to connect to our network.

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